5 Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

To avoid oral health problems, it’s important to get regular teeth cleanings every six months. As a preventative dentistry service, dental cleanings work to avoid plaque build-up and use scaling and planning during a cleaning to improve oral health. In Wilmington, North Carolina, Mayfaire Family Dentistry provides dental cleanings to patients through procedures that eliminate germs, plaque, and tartar buildup in the mouth that can prevent gum disease.


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Dental Cleaning Services

  • Overview: The dentist inspects your head and neck during a dental cleaning to ensure your jaw and lymph nodes are healthy. The dentist then examines the gums, teeth, and mouth to identify signs of tooth decay, periodontal diseases, and other oral health issues. Lastly, the teeth are cleaned by scraping or using dental tools.
  • How it Works: During a routine cleaning, the dentist cleans the tops of a patient’s teeth. However, those with the periodontal disease require deep dental cleaning due to plaque accumulation. Plaque and calculus build up on teeth below the gum line — they are eliminated either manually or with an ultrasonic tool. A future consultation after a dental cleaning is recommended to examine if the gums have fully recovered.

Frequency of Dental Cleaning

  • Routine Checkups: Typically, patients should participate in professional routine dental cleaning every six months. Even though this is common for most people, some may visit a dentist every nine or 12 months, while others may need to visit every three months owing to the severity of their dental conditions. An initial consultation with a dentist determines the annual dental visits for each patient are determined.
  • Why Regular Checkups are Needed: Dental cleanings are necessary to maintain oral hygiene. The procedure helps reduce dental problems by removing tartar from teeth. Regular dental checkups are needed to identify oral health issues and mediate diseases –  they are also a form of preventative healthcare.

Five Benefits of Regular Dental Cleaning

  • Removes Plaque: A professional dental cleaning procedure eliminates tooth plaque and tartar and prevents serious health problems from occurring. A patient is required to undergo regular cleanings to get rid of tartar. Visiting a dentist regularly gives individuals a feeling of having a healthier, fresher mouth.
  • Prevents Decay/Cavities: Tooth decay is fueled by plaque accumulation, which fosters bacterial growth. The bacteria release acids that eat away the enamel, causing tooth cavities, which can lead to tooth loss, infection, and dental pain. Dental cleaning prevents the formation of cavities when combined with good dental hygiene.
  • Avoids Tooth Loss: Plaque buildup on teeth loosens the gum line and teeth—this creates tooth loss, primarily driven by gum disease. However, maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings prevents tooth loss.

  • Brightness Your Smile: Dental cleaning eliminates stains caused by consuming some foods or drinks. A dental cleaning is the best technique to brighten your smile.

  • Improves Overall Health: Oral bacteria and inflammation make the human body susceptible to other diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, which are linked to poor oral hygiene. Dentists may also identify medical abnormalities during an oral examination — this culminates in improved diagnosis of ailments. 

Get Regular Dental Cleaning Services at Mayfaire Dental

Oral hygiene entails visiting a dentist twice a year for a checkup and cleaning. Routine teeth cleaning eliminates severe oral problems. To brighten your healthy smile, improve overall health, and prevent gum disease, schedule your next appointment with Dr. Overton at Mayfaire Family Dental in Wilmington, North Carolina. We provide a comfortable and professional experience during your dental appointment.