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Dental implants are one of the most effective ways of replacing missing teeth, with a success rate of up to 98%. With a dental implant, you not only fill gaps in your smile, but you can also experience the lasting benefits of restoring your tooth’s entire structure. Mayfaire Family Dentistry located in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a great choice for your dental implant restoration needs.

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What is Dental Implant Restoration?

Dental implants are the optimal solution for patients looking for a permanent option to replace missing teeth and restore their smile and confidence. The implant consists of:   

  • Titanium post: This is the dental implant itself. Typically manufactured from surgical-grade titanium, the implant post is surgically placed directly into the jawbone, where it acts as an artificial tooth and will ultimately fuse to the tissue ­– a process known as osseointegration.   
  • Abutment: Once the implant has healed, another post is added. This connector extends slightly beyond the gum line and serves as an anchor for the restoration.   
  • Restoration: This is an artificial tooth that is custom fabricated to match your natural teeth, completing the dental implant. It can be a crown, bridge, or all-on-4 implants (full arch replacement of every tooth on the bottom or top row of teeth).  

How Often Do You Have to Replace an Implant?

The implant is a permanent restoration that can last a lifetime with proper care. However, the crown attached to the implant will generally need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Some patients even keep their implant-supported prosthetic tooth or teeth for the rest of their lives.   

You may need to replace the crown if there is:  

  • Deterioration of the dental cement used for bonding  
  • Damage to the abutment  
  • Loosening of the dental implant screw 

Do You Have to Replace an Implant If It Chips or Cracks?

Like teeth, implant restorations are susceptible to damage. Crowns can be chipped, cracked, or broken if you bite down on hard objects like hard candy, fingernails, and ice, during sports accidents, or because of dental trauma or injury to the mouth.   

Also, tiny fractures can form in a crown after years of use, weakening the implant crown and making it vulnerable to bigger cracks. If your crown is chipped or cracked, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible to restore tooth functionality as well as your smile’s appearance. 

Implant Restoration Cost

The cost of implant restoration varies depending on several factors, such as the number of crowns to be restored. On average, a crown costs $1,000 to $2,000 and is usually covered by dental insurance.  

Dental Implant Restoration or Replacement Process   

Whenever necessary, these restorations can be repaired or replaced, usually without needing a new dental implant post. The severity of the damage determines if the crown can be repaired. For example, a minor chip can be repaired with a composite or by reshaping and smoothing the crown. However, if the damage is extensive, it might be necessary to replace the crown.   

The process for replacing a dental implant restoration is very similar to the initial placement of the dental implant crown. It involves the following steps:  

  • Crown is custom-made to match the rest of your teeth: We will take impressions of your teeth and send them to the dental lab for the crowns to be prepared. The crowns are custom-made to match the rest of your teeth in color, size, and shape.   
  • Removal of the old crown if necessary: Once your crowns are ready, we’ll remove the old or temporary crown and replace it with the new one.  
  • A new dental crown is cemented to the abutment: We’ll use tooth-colored dental cement to attach your crowns to the abutment. Your new crown will look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.  
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If you are having issues with your restoration, contact Mayfaire Family Dentistry in Wilmington, NC, today to schedule an appointment. During your visit, Dr. Overton will assess the cause, type, and severity of the damage and make a professional recommendation as to whether implant crown repair or replacement is the most suitable option.